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Digital Marketing Advice

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Social Media Guidance

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Share what you do with the world

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Do Something Great


Helping small independent businesses grow through digital marketing



Digital Marketing Advisor in Kirkby Lonsdale

My interest for Digital Marketing started with promotion for myself. As a DJ I began to realise the importance of being discovered online, gaining new listeners to my content from all over the world. This hobby grew and I'm now a full time Digital Marketing Manager for a caravan company in Cumbria.


In my spare time I really enjoy helping small independent businesses, for example, shops, cafés, bars, bed and breakfasts with their own online visibility.

I began to learn that a lot of business owners fear the digital world, mainly because they don't understand how it all works. This is where I can help, I won't talk technical but can give you advice to get your digital side of your business up and running, helping it to grow through your website, Google and Social Media channels.

To discuss further please do get in touch.



Helping your business grow

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Create and share content with the world and gain followers of your business.


Is your website optimised for search engines? This is essential to ensure you rank higher in search results.


Help with setting up your Google My Business page ensuring you can be found more easily online.


Rick has helped edit my website so that my Bed & Breakfast can be found easier on Google, as it wasn't appearing high on the search rankings beforehand. He has also built my Social Media pages, creating professional artwork to make my business stand out.

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